Welcome! Our mission is to make DEX trading safer from malicious contracts, exit scams ("rug pulls"), and hacks. This site scans contracts for known scams, computes helpful token metrics, and maintains a list of scams. You can also use it to find the newest tokens. We are working to add more features, check back often and follow us on Twitter!

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Trending Tokens

FEGtoken (FEG)483d ago
RING ($RING)1d ago
MoneyHeist (HEIST)1d ago
Troy Inu ($TROY)1d ago
Bitrise Token (BRISE)330d ago
Sanin Inu (SANI)82d ago
Runes (RUNES)1d ago
CR7 Token (CR7)195d ago
Vortex Official (VRTX)1d ago

Newest Tokens

砒素栗 (BNB)3m ago
Pink Majin (MAJIN)55m ago
Squid Boy (SBOY)2h ago
Oxarium Network (OXARIUM)3h ago
My Wifes Boyfriend Inu (BTCUCK)4h ago
Peaky Inu (PEAKY INU)9h ago
Shibarium (SHIBARIUM)10h ago
SiuuDoge (SIUUDOGE)10h ago
Money Heist Inu (HEIST)11h ago

Latest Scams

End-to-End Encryption (E2EE)6m ago
AlgorithmicTrader (ALGT)11m ago
LearningCash (EAD)29m ago
DignityGold (DIGAU)29m ago
Shiba Heist BSC (SHIBAHEIST)33m ago
ChainVision (CNV)34m ago
The Trip (TRIP)50m ago
PraedaToken (PRD)58m ago
BIT DAO (BIT)1h ago
Lifinity (LFNTY)1h ago