SafeCoin (COIN)

Date Deployed
Sun, 16 May 2021 21:26:53 GMT | 73d ago | Block 7469943

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"Smell Test" (automated contract audit)

Verified contract source
The contract source code was not uploaded/verified on BscScan and therefore cannot be analyzed for vulnerabilities.
?No prior similar token contracts
?Source does not contain a proxy contract
?Source does not contain a pausable contract
Note: the Smell Test is an experimental new feature and may not be 100% accurate or detect all possible vulnerabilities. The results are not to be interpreted as advice and should be considered in the context of the project as a whole along with external information. Always do your own research and consult multiple sources of information.

Similar Token Contracts

1.00SafeCoin (COIN)0x38fdd10662e932c7cd2e0b12f8335da719974d0fBSC-8dIdentical
WARNING: the above token(s) have been flagged due to evidence of a bug, hack, or scam
1.00SafeCoin (COIN)0x40fe69d5d769d3c438f4a424ab0a3034db571637BSC-5dIdentical
1.00SafeCoin (COIN)0xae9ea889339271b08107efb9191a6e730e5249d9BSC-4dIdentical
1.00SafeCoin (COIN)0xb185a5747a971a679f34e6e01da90ce78591fa2bBSC-6dIdentical

Updated Sun, 16 May 2021 21:49:59 GMT